Celebrating the Reformation at 500:
God’s Glory Alone

2017 Cheyenne Reformation Conference

October 6-7, 2017

Featuring:  Rev. Dr. David VanDrunen


An Invitation…

Five hundred years ago, God brought about the greatest renewal of the church since the Apostolic era—the Protestant Reformation changed the course of religious and cultural history in the West.  Martin Luther posted his famous “95 theses” and he, with the other reformers, set out to purify the church and reestablish the Bible as the sole source of spiritual authority. The reformers basic theological principles developed in response to errors in the Church of the day are commonly summarized by 5 Latin phrases known as solas.  They are: Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone); Sola Gratia (Grace Alone); Sola Fide (Faith Alone); Sola Christus (Christ Alone); and Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone Be Glory).  They matter in our world and our lives today.

Northwoods Presbyterian Church (PCA) invites you to join us this fall for our annual conference as we celebrate and commemorate the official five-hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Our theme is Celebrating the Reformation at 500: God’s Glory Alone. We will focus on Soli Deo Gloria. 

Our conference speaker, Dr. VanDrunen, says “Soli Deo Gloria can be understood as the glue that holds the other solas in place, or the center that draws the other solas into a grand unified whole.”  This sola is no ordinary slogan.  These three little words declare God’s purpose and man’s chief aim.  Dr. VanDrunen will review the need for the reformation and then through the reformed tradition point us to the heart of scripture and apply it to our much too narcissistic driven lives of distraction lived in a secular culture.  With sensitivity, Biblical insight, the knowledge of an eminent Church scholar and the heart of a shepherd he will address the vices that prevent us from admiring and enjoying God’s glory.  He will also provide practical instruction in the virtues that promote awe and adoration in the presence of our glorious God.

As always, we trust this will be an edifying and encouraging time of learning and fellowship.  Will you join us this fall as we consider our topic – Celebrating the Reformation at 500: God’s Glory Alone.


Sponsored and hosted by:
Northwoods Presbyterian Church
Faithful to Holy Scripture
True to the reformed Faith
Obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ

Conference Location:
Northwoods Presbyterian Church
4723 Griffith Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009
(307) 637-4817
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